The religion of Islam

To whom Allah guides no one can get you out of the right path.

The best word is the Word of Allah, our Lord, as it leads man to the best and most correct. The best guide is the guide of the prophet Muhammad - may peace and blessings be upon him -. His example leads us on a straight path to the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, contemplating happiness in this life and the Eternal. "Believers! Know that the religion of Allah is none other than Islam (Qur'an 3:19), and that whoever follows another form of life or belief will not be accepted from him in what comes after death and will have condemned his soul. " (Koran 3:85)

Islam is the religion of total surrender to the Creator, both in private and in public life. A complete submission, without exceptions or delays, without distortion or malice. It is worship to Allah with true devotion, it is to fulfill his commandments and to move away from his prohibitions.

Freedom It is easy, understandable, promotes development and happiness. Islam is the religion of justice, equality and true




It is built on five pillars that are: the witnessing that there is no true god except Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. Establish the daily prayer, pay the Zakah, fast in the month of Ramadan and make a pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba if you have the means to do so.

These fundamental pillars of Islam are easy to fulfill and there is flexibility around them.


The testification of Faith is pure monotheism and liberation from the forms of polytheism that kill the heart. It represents the commitment of sincere adoration to the Creator and to no one else.
Accepting that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah means taking him as a reference and example. It is to respect it and to get to love it. "In truth we will ask those to whom they were sent (prophets) and those who were sent" Corán 7:6.


Daily prayer is an exercise and nourishment for the soul; It is easy and a good work. It brings enormous benefits to the heart of the individual and the community. It is the bond that unites man with his Lord. It is put into practice by the believer once he has purified himself on the physical plane and is predisposed to purify himself on the spiritual plane.
"It is true that prayer distances man from reproach and slander." (Koran 29:45)


Zakah is a very low percentage that the believer pays to help his brothers who are in need. Purify the heart of greed and reform society. It is, in the end, a charity that one has with oneself.


Fasting during the blessed month of Ramadan: it reminds us of the blessings of the Creator on an annual basis, the highest being the revelation of the Holy Qur'an. Fasting is a bit of sacrifice that we offer at the feet of the Lord of the universe in recognition of his graces and gifts. It benefits us in many ways, both materially and spiritually.


La peregrinación a la Meca, el Hajj The fifth pillar of Islam: Represents a deep enhancement of Religion, its sacred rites and commandments. It is not obligatory only once in a lifetime and if the Muslim is in a position to do so.
As the Prophet delivered it: "The accepted pilgrimage (by Allah) has Paradise as a reward".