Performed regularly

Guided visits

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12 noon. In addition, special visits of Universities, Schools, and other institutions are organized.

Library open to the public

Open to the general public from Monday to Saturday.

Arabic language classes

Open classes are taught at different levels.

Classes on Islamic culture and civilization

They are held on Fridays and Sundays in the afternoon in the Center's library.

Radio program

"Discovering Islam" on Wednesdays at 11 am on Radio Palermo.

Islamic summer colony

For children and young people, with numerous recreational activities.

Participation in the Book Fair

The Center participates annually in the International Book Fair.


Celebration of the month of Ramadan and the Two festivities(´Id al Fitr–´Id al Adha).

Distribution of books

Books and brochures of Islamic Culture and Civilization and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are distributed.

Food distribution

The Center complies with a distribution of solidarity aid (in food) to the poor and needy.

Sport activities

The Center receives numerous groups that benefit from the green space, such as the volleyball field among others.

Conference cycle

The C.C.I.AR. develops renewed quarterly Cultural conferences.