Discovering Islam

Radio Program

GOD is exalted and His goodness multiplied. It is He Who revealed to his Servant Muhammad (Peace be upon him) the Qur'an as discernment between truth and falsehood, to be a warning and a warning to mankind.

And may the peace and blessings of God be with His Servant and Messenger Muhammad, his family and all his followers until the Day of Judgment.

With the Anuencia de Dios, El Altísimo, the Islamic Cultural Center Custodio de las Dos Sagradas Mezquitas Rey Fahd, in Buenos Aires, Argentina sponsors the radio program "Discovering Islam".
This program aims to bring to his listeners, the knowledge of the Last Message of God, The Creator of the worlds, for humanity, after having sent Jesus, peace be with him and the previous prophets and messengers of God, who were the best of creation.

Discovering Islam you will be able to know who is GOD The Omniscient, The Knower of the Hidden, and his purpose in creation, and who is The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his mission in this life; which paves the way for the well-understood true happiness in this life and in the other.
Discovering Islam, through the teachings and sayings of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) You will be able to understand and learn if GOD wants what GOD the Merciful and Merciful, through His last book, after sending the Gospel; he has left us.
Said the Messenger of GOD (Peace be upon him):"I have left among you something that if you cling to him, you will never deviate: the Book of GOD and my Sunna (Prophetic Tradition)" . This is Islam, the religion of peace, that is the culmination of the divine message, this is Islam, a way of life, Discovering Islam.

We wait for you, Wednesdays at 11 am. on Radio Palermo, FM 94.7and may the peace and blessings of GOD be with his Prophet and Messenger Muhammad.


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