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Some of events highlights of 2019.


10/05/2019 On Friday, May 10, 2019, Sheikh Abdullatif Al Otaibi gave a lecture at the 45th International Book Fair 2019 in Argentina, the conference "La MIsericordia en la Islam", at the end of which he answered questions and Islamic material was distributed to the audience.


08/05/2019 On Wednesday, May 8, 2019 corresponding to 3 Ramadan of 1440 of the Hegira, the Deputy Director of the CCIAR, Mr. Naif T. Alfaeem has received the visits of the General Director of Cults Buenos Aires, Prof. Federico Pugliese, the Deputy Secretary of the Undersecretary of Citizen Liaison with Security, Mr. Juan Arenaza, and the Operational Manager, Mrs. Pilar Bosca. During the visit they toured the facilities of the CCIAR, including the school, the mosque and the cultural exhibition halls and at the end of it they were invited to taste the traditional dates and coffee of Saudi Arabia.


03/05/2019 Last Friday, May 3, 2019, the conference "Ramadan, its norms and virtues" was given by Sheikh Abdullateef Al Otaibi. At the end of it, the CCIAR imam answered questions about fasting, to the attending public.

Date distribution

03/05/2019 Every year, King Salmán Bin Abdul Aziz sends to the Islamic community of the Argentine Republic, dates for distribution during the blessed month of Ramadan thus strengthening the bonds between the peoples and providing the Muslims with this traditional food at the time of break of fasting. On Friday, May 3, 2019, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia S.E Ryadh Al Khenene delivered and distributed dates, special gift of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.


25/04/2019 On Thursday, April 25, 2019 the Lord Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia S.E Ryadh Al Khenene accompanied by the Deputy Director Mr. Naif AlFahim, inaugurated the Institutional Stand of the Islamic Cultural Center King Fahd Custodio of the two Sacred Mosques, in Argentina. It was attended by Mr. Federico Hamze (representative of the Ministry of Worship of the city of Buenos Aires), the Imam of the CCIAR Sheikh Abdullatif Al Otaibi, the Sheikh Muhammad Isa Garcia, and members of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and the CCIAR.


29/01/2019 The Islamic Cultural Custodian Center of the Two Mosques King Fahd expresses its condolences and profound sorrow to the relatives of Brother Mahmud El Sayer, a member of the CCIAR Council. We pray to Allah, the Almighty, to pray to him His Mercy and His Forgiveness, and grant him a dwelling in his eternal Eden with the Prophets, the Loyalists, the Martyrs and the Virtuous Ones.


13/12/2018 CCIAR Director As-Sheikh Ali Ahudah Alshamrani participated in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Islamic Society of Cordoba.


29/11/2018 On November 29, 2018, the Director of CCIAR, His Excellency Shaykh Ali Al Shamrani, was visited by the President of the Saudi Press Agency, Abdullah Bin Fahd Al Hussein, and the editor of the electronic newspaper "Sabd", Ali Hazmi. They have toured the facilities of the institution and even visited the King Fahd College.


26/11/2018 On Monday, November 26, 2018, the Director of CCIAR, His Excellency Shaykh Ali Al Shamrani, was honored to receive the visit of His Excellency Dr. Tawfiq Ibn Abdel Aziz Al-Sudairi, Vice Minister of Islamic Affairs, Outreach and Orientation. During his stay at the institution he toured the facilities of the CCIAR, opened the Permanent Exhibition Hall and the meeting of the disseminators sent by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, as well as visited the children of the Rey Fahd school.


26/11/2018 During the 26th and 27th of November 2018, the first Islamic meeting of Latin American communicators, sent from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia, took place in the CCIAR.

The night of the temples

24/11/2018 On Saturday, November 24, 2018, the Director of CCIAR, His Excellency Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, had the honor of receiving the General Director of Worship of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Federico Hernán Pugliese, who opened the program "the night of the temples" at the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center. The CCIAR mosque has opened its doors to the public from 8pm to 12pm. Visitors have been able to go along with the guides, the facilities of the CCIAR (among them, the cultural exhibition halls, the library and the prayer halls), then they were given leaflets and books referring to the Islamic religion and they were invited to Taste indigenous dates from Saudi Arabia. We remind you of those who have not been able to attend, the institution offers guided tours every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12 noon. We wait for you!


30/10/2018 President of the Consultation Council Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Mohamed Al-Cheij with his delegation visited the Islamic Cultural Center King Fahd, Custodian of the Two Sacred Mosques in Argentina.


11/10/2018 On that date, the Director of the CCIAR, Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, entertained him with a luncheon and gave gifts to the staff of the Service in recognition and congratulations for his work performance.


09/10/2018 On that date, the Director of the CCIAR, Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, met the Sheikhs of the Islamic Affairs Committee with the objective of coordinating and improving activities throughout Latin America.


10/10/2018 The Director of the CCIAR, Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, has lectured the conference "Islam a way of life" at the University of Salvador.

The Great Challenge

30/09/2018 The Great Challenge this Friday are all invited to witness this Fun contest in second presentation.


01/10/2018 The Director of the CCIAR, Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, in the company of the Counselor of the Minister of Islamic Affairs and outreach Dr Abdullah Al Luhaidan, The Minister of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, received a visit from his Excellency.


30/09/2018 The conference "Tolerance in Islam" was held, a look to learn more about this beautiful religion, by Dr Abdullah Al Luhaidan, counselor of the Minister of Islamic Affairs and disclosure in the conference room after the Maghrib prayer.
At the end of it was served a dinner in honor of the speaker.


30/09/2018 CCIAR Director Sheikh Ali Al-Shamrani and his employees express their condolences to the Taha family and members of the Islamic Center of Mendoza and to their entire community on the death of its President Mr. Muhammad Taha.
May Allah grant him His Mercy and enlarge his tomb. Amin "Certainly from Allah we are and towards Him will be the return."


26/09/2018 The Director of the CCIAR, His Excellency Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, visited today the Ambassador of Palestine in Argentina, His Excellency Ambassador Husni M.A.Abdel Wahed


25/09/2018 We were visited by the new ambassador of Argentina in Saudi Arabia Mr. Marcelo Gilardoni, was received by Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani director of the CCIAR.


24/09/2018 We invite you to the Conference "Tolerance in Islam". by Dr. Abdullah Al Luhaidan, Counselor to the Minister of Islamic Affairs and outreach.
Sunday September 30, 2018, after the Salat al Magrib (7 pm approx.) At our headquarters.

88th National Day

23/09/2018 I have the honor together with my CCIAR employees to express my greatest congratulations to His Custodian Highness of the Two Holy Mosques and His Honorable Crown Prince so also to the people of Saudi Arabia for the commemoration of the 88th National Day.
¡Long live our country!
Sheij Ali Awdah Al-Shamrani- Director of the Rey Fahd Islamic Cultural Center, in Argentina.

New Muslims

16/09/2018 The seminar was held for new muslmanes where basic aspects about Islamic belief and jurisprudence were reviewed, the participants also ate in community.

New Lunar Year

11/09/2018 We inform the community, that on September 11 begins the year 1440 of the Hegira.

Sports Encounter

30/08/2018 The King Fahd School received the visit of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students of the Omar Bin al Jattab School. The teachers of the King Fahd School, coordinated by the Physical Education teachers, organized recreational activities for the children.

Distribution of Lamb

24/08/2018 After the jummah prayer, the distribution of lambs corresponding to the Udhia of Eid Al Adha 1439 was carried out.

Interreligious space

22/08/2018 The CCIAR has distributed books and invited dates to the public, in the meeting held in the Costanera Sur, during its participation in its stand invited by the GCBA.

Eid Al Adha

21/08/2018 We celebrate Eid Al Adha in community.

School of Neighbors

14/08/2018 We were visited by around 400 high school students, from the School of Neighbors program organized by the Eforo Foundation, the Ministry of Education of GCBA and the CCIAR.

Children's Day

13/08/2018The CCIAR entertained the children with a beautiful day of fun and interaction with their teachers. During the day they enjoyed a Puppet Show and a Recreation on the College Grounds.

Sacrifice Program

13/08/2018 The CCIAR informs the community of the reserve of lambs on the occasion of the celebration of the Sacrifice (Eid Al Adha), the sacrifice of animals will be carried out according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (P y B). For orders and reservations should contact our headquarters from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


12/08/2018 Conference conducted by Sheikh Ahmad Ragab, at the Al Ahmad Mosque. Subject: "On the Hadith of Angel Jibril"

Dhul Hiyyah

12/08/2018 The CCIAR reminds you that, Sunday, August 12, 2018 is the 1st of Dhul Hiyyah of 1439, being Monday, August 20, the 9th of Dhul Hiyyah, therefore it is the day of'ARAFAH.
And on Tuesday, August 21, 2018, the 10th of Dhul Hiyyah is EID TO ADHA. (The feast of Sacrifice) ..

Distribution of Lamb

10/08/2018 We received the Olympic Flag in the framework of the Youth Olympic Games. It was given to us by the Santa María de Luján School. Staying a week at King Fahd College.

Seminar in Mendoza

03/08/2018 Islamic Jurisprudence Seminar (Aquidah and Fiqh), 3-4-5 August held in the city of Mendoza, Arab Islamic Center of Mendoza, along with Sheikh Abdulatif Al Otaibi.

New Muslims

29/07/2018 We held the seminar for new Muslims, with activities such as the class of Aquidah (Belief) together with Sheikh Abdulatif Al Otaibi and the Islamic Jurisprudence class taught by Shaykh Ahmad Mohamed Ragab (The Purification and The Prayer) among other topics.

Illustrious Visit

19/07/2018 The Supreme Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia S.E.D Mohammed Abdullah Aljadaan with his delegation, together with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Argentina, S. E. Riyad Bin Saud Alkenene visited the CCIAR.


18/07/2018 The Director of the CCIAR, His Excellency Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, visited the city of Cordoba and met with Mr. Jihad Sleiman, president of the Muslim Society of Córdoba, members of its executive committee and religious authority. He has also offered a dissertation on the importance of acquiring Islamic knowledge from his sources the Qur'an and the Sunnah.


15/07/2018 The Director of the CCIAR, His Excellency Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani, visited the Arab Islamic Center of Mendoza and its president, the esteemed Mr. Mohamed Taha with his family


14/06/2018 The evaluation of the Quran Contest corresponding to Ramadan 1439 h-2018 was carried out.

Iftar tribute

01/06/2018 Participating in the event were brother Aníbal Bakir, President of the Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic and a part of his Board of Directors, the envoy of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Mohammed Alruwaily, together with the authorities and representatives of the Mosques and Musallah in the capital.

Inicio del mes de Ramadán

16/05/2018 Ramadan Mubarak, may Allaah exude His mercy on you and your family. They are greeted by Sheikh Ali Al Awdah Al Shamrani, director of CCIAR.


16/05/2018 CCIAR Director Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani and Sheikh Abdul Latif Al Otaibi visited community members to find out how they are and about their health.


13/05/2018 The conference was held: "How and why do we fast?", By the Director of CCIAR, S.E. Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani. It had a large attendance on the eve of the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Date Delivery

11/05/2018 The Director of the CCIAR, S.E. Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani delivered and distributed dates to the community, a special gift from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Majesty King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz.


11/05/2018 The CCIAR received the visit of students and members of the Conicet.

book Fair

11/05/2018 We received the children of our School in the stand that with the generous presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, S.E.D. Ryad Saud Alkhenene opened at the 44th International Book Fair of Buenos Aires and was visited by our children.


10/05/2018 The Director of CCIAR Sheikh Ali A. Alshamrani, was received by the Director General of Cults of the City of Buenos Aires, Prof. Federico Pugliese at the Government headquarters of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.


09/05/2018 CCIAR Director Sheikh Ali A. Alshamrani paid a courtesy visit to the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait S.E.D. Salah Mubarak Musleh ALMUTAIRI.


09/05/2018 CCIAR Director Sheikh Ali A. Alshamrani paid a courtesy visit to different ambassadors: Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates S.E.D. Saeed Rashed ALZAABI, to the Ambassador of Libya S.E.D. Bashir ELAKKARI and the Ambassador of Egypt S.E.D. Amin Mourad MELEIKA.


08/05/2018 CCIAR Director Sheikh Ali A. Alshamrani made a courtesy visit to the Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic and was received by its President Mr. Anibal Bakir and members of the Steering Committee.


05/05/2018 The conference was held: "Jesus (peace be upon him), the Miracle Prophet" by Sheikh Abdullateef Al Otaibi (Imam of the CCIAR).


19/04/2018 His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin AbdulAziz, President of the Tourism and National Heritage Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, opened the antique exhibition hall called "The heritage of a people", built by the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center in Argentina.


09/03/2018 The prizes were given to the participants of the contest of Memorization and Tafsir of the Yuz Amma (Thirtieth of the Generous Quran) organized by the CCIAR.

Illustrious visit

02/03/2018 Members of the Youth Olympic Games committee that will be held in Buenos Aires from 6/10 to 18/10 visited the CCIAR.

Start of the school year

02/03/2018The 2018 period of the King Fahd College has begun.
We congratulate the growth of the enrollment of students this year wishing the entire educational community a year of great achievements with the consent of Allah, Almighty

Contest of Memorization of the Generous Koran

An evaluation committee receives the contestants from different places participating in the Contest after the Friday prayer at the CCIAR Mosque.


09/02/18 On Friday, February 9, the Closing Ceremony of Activities of the Summer Colony 2018 - 1439 was held in a ceremony with the families of the young participants of the same. This program is carried out during 5 weeks during the summer holidays, configuring an educational and recreational program for children and young people that integrates training, sports and cultural activities.

Women's seminar

07/02/18 It ended with a distinguished number of attendees, the first Intensive Seminar of Islamic Jurisprudence for women of the year 1439 h. corresponding to 2018.

Illustrious visit

02/02/18 The General Director of Cults of CABA, Prof. Federico Pugliese visited the CCIAR with the intention of meeting the Director of the CCIAR, Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani.


26/01/2018 The first edition of the contest "El Muecín de la Comunidad" in the CCIAR ended. His Excellency the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Riad Aljanini presented the awards to the winners and participants of the same.


20/01/2018 The participants of the "El Muecín de la Comunidad" contest were evaluated in the CCIAR library. The jury was surprised by the enthusiasm and emotion of the contestants when making their calls to prayer.

Sec. de Culto de la Nación

The Director of the CCIAR Sheikh Ali Alshamrani visited the Secretary of Worship of the Argentine Nation, Dr. Santiago De Estrada in his office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Visit Santander Río

16/01/2018. A delegation from Banco Santander Río, composed of its Manager Matías Mariano Urti, visited the CCIAR and received a distinguished welcome from Shaykh Ali Al Shamrani, the most excellent Director of CCIAR.


5/01/2018 The awards ceremony was given to the participants with the best grades of the contests corresponding to the book "The Muslim Guide", and the series of classes "The degrees of religion" whose contents were developed by Shaykh Salim Delgado.


Previous news

Visit of the CIRA

29/12/2017. A delegation from the Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic led by its president Mr. Anibal B. Bakir visited and welcomed the new Sheikh Ali Al Shamrani Director of the

Family meeting

23/12/2017. The "Family Encounter" was held where children and adults enjoyed the community.

Personal gratitude

22/12/2017 CCIAR Director Sheikh Ali Awadah Al Shamrani met with the CCIAR cleaning staff.

Initial closing

The closing of the school year 2017 of the Initial Level of the King Fahd School was carried out.

Primary Closure

21/12/2017 The closing of the 2017 school year of the Primary Level of the King Fahd School was carried out.

Islamic colony

Dic-2017. Registration was made to the Islamic Summer Colony for children of King Fahd College and the Islamic community.


16/12/2017. The conference was given by Mr. Osama Elnowihi, entitled "The Influence of the Arabic Language in the Spanish Language".

Meeting of young people

16/12/2017. The "Youth Encounter" was held, where families gather, sharing a snack, games, dinner and much more, in community.

Visit to school

25/10/2017. We visited the school "Instituto Manuel Belgrano" at the request of Prof. de Historia, Gustavo Abraham.

Encounter family

21/10/2017.The EFM was carried out where the children could enjoy a day in community.

Meeting of young people

06/10/2017. A meeting was held in which young people from different sectors of society participated.


30/09/2017A lecture was held on'Ashura. Then an iftar was served to the attendees.

Dhul hiyyah

08/2017. The CCIAR greets the entire Islamic community, desiring the blessings of God and granting peace and security to all.

Program: Lamb reservation

08/2017. On the occasion of the celebration of the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid Al Adha). The Sacrifice will be performed according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PyB).

Educational Program: School of Neighbor

16/08/2017. The Director of CCIAR, Mr. Naif Al Faeem, received young people, authorities and teachers from state and private schools of CABA.

Visit of Educational Institutions

Jul-Ago/2017. During these months several educational entities visit us in order to know each other

Arabian language

15/08/2017.Registration for the 2nd semester of the Arabic Language Course was disseminated.


04/08/2017.the evaluation was carried out on the book "The Guide of the Muslim" of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ruwaili.

Monthly family meeting

22/07/2017. The EFM was carried out where the children could enjoy a day in community.

Conference during the EFM

22/07/2017.Sheikh Ibrahim Elalfi gave a talk on the importance of knowing how to use holidays fruitfully.

Holy Quran Contest

30/06/2017. With the consent of Allah, the Most High, the "Prize Ceremony" was held at the CCIAR headquarters.

Eid al Fitr

25/06/2017. The celebration of the "Eid Al Fitr" was held.

Holy Quran Learning

31/05/2017. The CCIAR informed the community about the registration for the: SACRED CORÁN DE RAMADÁN 2017 COMPETITION.

Start of the month of Ramadan

26/05/2017. The CCIAR is the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan. After salat Attarawih, Sheikh Yahia Almutawiri will answer questions from the community.


16/05/2017.In charge of S.E the Minister Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Aba Al Khail, rector of the Islamic University Muhammad Bin Saud and member of the Council of Great Sages.

Opening ceremony

15/05/2017. In the same S.E the Minister Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Aba Al Khail, gave a dissertation on "The peculiarities and charms of Islam”.

Inauguration Stand CCIAR

27/04/2017. Inauguration of the CCIAR stand at the 43rd International Book Fair of Buenos Aires.

Visit school

27/04/2017.They came to know us the Espiritu Santo High School (Palermo) and the Immaculate Conception Institute (Almagro).


27/04/2017. They came to know us the Espiritu Santo High School (Palermo) and the Immaculate Conception Institute (Almagro).

Monthly family meeting

22/04/2017. During this event, Prof. Mohammed Bennis gave a presentation on the importance of the Arabic language in Spanish culture and the Castilian language in particular.

Literary contest

10/04/2017. The first section of the learning process of the "Generoso Koran" was held at the CCIAR headquarters.

Closing of teaching of the Holy Quran

07/04/2017.The 1st section of the learning process of the "Generoso Koran" was carried out.


24/03/2017. The prominent Sheikh Mohammed Al Kadri dictated a class on the theme of the essence of Islam.

Arabic Language Teaching 2017

14/03/2017. The first semester of the Arab Language Teaching Program 2017 has started at CCIAR.

Distinguished visit

26/01/2017.The Director of the CCIAR, Mr. Naif Alfaem, received the new Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Argentina S.E.D. Gives. Meral Barlas


22/01/2017. It was entitled "The Rank of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PyB)" in charge of His Eminence the Sheikh Ibrahim Elalfi.

Islamic Summer Colony

02/01/2017 - 09/02/2017. The Islamic Summer Colony was held, with great attendance of boys and girls.


January 2017. The Director of the King Fahd School was honored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Argentine Republic.