Be Muslim

Who can be??

Those persons who believes in his heart that "There is only one God and that Muhammad (PyB) is his Servant and Messenger" can be a Muslim, that being the only requirement.

Basically, Islam consists in believing that Allah is One, Unique and Incomparable and that He is the only one deserving to be worshiped and believe that there will be a Last Day in which we will be judged by our actions..
Whoever wants to be a Muslim does not need to learn Arabic, he does not need to know how the Muslims pray, he only needs to bear witness to the oneness of Allah, he only needs to believe that there is no deity but one God and that only He can forgive our sins. For this, he should only approach a mosque and ask him to take his testimony of faith, or do so in front of Muslim witnesses if there is no mosque or Islamic center where he lives.

This testimony is called shahada, and it consists in saying: "I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah", "Ash hadu an illaha illa Allah ua ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasulu Allah".

Children do not need to give testimony of faith, since the Islamic faith considers that all children are innocent beings free from sin and this is the concept of Fitrah.

The message of Islam is a universal message, it does not target a particular people or race, to such an extent that the idea of ​​racism within Muslims is unacceptable, the valuation of a man is carried out by his degree of piety and not for his ethnicity.
Islam is not exclusive to Arabs and their descendants, so if a person has another ancestry this can also be Muslim, in fact the Arabs as members of the world Muslim community are 17% of the whole. The rest of the people in the world who profess the faith of Islam are composed of men and women of different races, who speak different languages ​​and have different customs. Following this criterion is considered as Muslim, and with the same rights within the scheme of the community, an inhabitant of Argentina as one of the Arabian Peninsula or China.

Practitioners of the Islamic faith are called Muslims. It is a great mistake to call Muslims as Mohammedans, since the latter would give the idea of ​​a cult to a person, contrary to the intrinsic nature of the Muslim, as he only worships Allah (God) and in no way a Prophet of God

Christianity and Islam are the only two religions where the people of Jesus and Mary, with both being peace, are loved. With regard to Mary, Islam holds that she is the best woman of creation, the one chosen to carry in her heart the word of God, preserving her virginity before and after giving birth to Jesus.
 There is a chapter in the Holy Quran, the number 19, which bears his name. Jesus, peace be upon him, is considered one of the great prophets within Islam, which God granted among other faculties, to raise the dead, to heal the sick, to create a bird of mud, to bring down a table served, to speak being a newborn and not dying, being raised to his Lord The Muslims await the second arrival of Jesus on earth as a sign of hope and clarification of the truth that was revealed to him in his time.

“Today I have completed your religion, I have poured out my gifts and I have granted you, pleased, Islam as a religion.”(5:3)
“Say: O people! It is true that I am the Messenger of Allah to you, to Whom the kingdom of heaven and earth belongs. There is no other divinity but He who gives life and gives death; so believe in Him and in His Messenger, the unlettered Prophet who believes in Allah and His words and follow him so that you are well guided.” (7:158)